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PHARMANZA HERBAL Presents A Sustainable Model of Plantation- Plantation of Boswellia serrata with the Forest department of Madhya Pradesh (MP), India.


Pharmaza Herbal Pvt. Ltd. has supported the plantation of Boswellia Serrata(Salai) saplings (five thousand) in 25 hectares in Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh (MP), India. The gum derived from the Salai tree is used in making perfume along with medicine.

Salai trees found in the forest of Sheopur district in Madhya Pradesh are changing the fortunes of the tribals. Till now the tribals have been using it for their normal livelihood. Aromatic gum extracted from the tree is used in medicine, perfume, etc. In view of this, to increase the production of gum, PHPL has come with these tribals. The company has started planting Salai plants on 25 hectares in the Ochhapura area through forest committees. Tribals are also planting these plants by bringing them from the forest. The company will spend Rs 10 lakh every year on planting saplings for their protection for three years. 20 lakh rupees has also been given as the first and second instalments. After the trees grow, they will be handed over to the tribals. Tribals will also sell the gum derived from it. This will also improve the economic condition of the tribals.

This is proving to be one of the successful plantations of Boswellia serrata at this scale in the Forest area. This initiative works on two fronts. On the one hand, our initiatives have helped conserve natural forest in the wide-ranging ecosystems and bring back this rare herb from near extinction, On the other hand, we engage tribals providing them with visible economic opportunities and supplementing their income. This is developing as a model of good forest Plantation & collection practice for Boswellia serrata


In this project we identified and developed methodologies to address the sustainability concerns of medicinal plant and joined hands with local forest and NGOs across the country and Universities in this mission, jointly undertaking special training programs for farmers, villagers and tribal communities to train them on sustainable and environment-friendly plantation/cultivation processes.


Boswellia serrata acts as assets for Tribals

Tribals consider the standing salai trees in the forest as their right. Since they get employment by extracting gum from these trees, they also protect them from smugglers. Not only this, In the marriage of the daughter, the tree is offered as a gift to the groom side, so that his daughter does not suffer financially.

 Tribals pledge trees -

In the forest, only the tribals extract gum from the Salai tree and use it. Traditionally, these trees are considered to be their monopoly. The ownership of a tree is decided by the head of the tribals with the consent of all. Up to 50 kg of gum can easily come out from a full-grown tree in a month. The cost of a one kg ball in the market is around Rs 400. In such a situation, the tribal who has a tree, he also mortgages it when needed, so that he can easily get 15 to 20 thousand rupees in the form of a loan. Until the debt is settled, the lender does the work of removing the gum and selling it. Regarding the arrangement of giving the forest tree in dowry and taking a loan if needed, the forest department officials have to say that this is the social system of the tribals since the trees are not cut nor any damage is done to the forest, so in this There is no objection.


Our company has chosen Sheopur because it has a natural forest of trees of Boswellia serrata (scientific name of gum derived from Salai). Our company also buys Boswellia from this region. The company is getting Salai plants planted in 25 hectares in Sheopur. This work is being done under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). If tribals sell their products to the company, then the company will help them with this also.

Dr. Shweta Singh, Scientist, Pharmaza Herbal Pvt. Ltd. , Gujarat.

Salai trees are very important to us. Our livelihood runs from the gum emanating from it. Even in the marriage of the daughter, we give gifts to the bridegroom, so that the daughter does not suffer financially. In times of crisis, we also take loans by mortgaging these trees. Now the company is cooperating with us, so by keeping them safe for a long time and selling the gum, we can earn more profit

Srinivas Adivasi, Ochapura, Sheopur

The Gujarat-based company is doing plantation of Salai plants in 25 hectares in Ochhapura through forest committees. This plantation is coming up as a model for Boswellia Plantation. Boswellia gum is fragrant. It is used in making medicine as well as perfume etc. In such a situation, the tribals will be benefited. Also, this collaborative approach of PHPL and MP forest we aim to cover this patch of land with Boswellia serrata and encourage forest communities to inculcate sustainable harvesting and collection practices.

Sudhanshu Yadav, DFO, General Forest Division, Sheopur 

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